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About Us

FileMyReturn (FMR) goes beyond being a mere name; it embodies a profound belief that resonates deeply with every team member. This belief serves as an unwavering inspiration, propelling us to persevere and strive for greatness each day. We firmly believe at FMR that our success is intricately intertwined with the success of our clients.

Within the depths of every team member's heart, FileMyReturn encapsulates both a revered name and a profound belief. It ignites a relentless drive within us to persevere and consistently pursue excellence. We hold a firm belief, within the sacred sanctuary of FileMyReturn, that our accomplishments are intricately linked to the accomplishments of our valued clients.

Throughout our journey of over four illustrious decades, we have consistently delivered unparalleled service, continuously exceeding expectations in every interaction. This sacred essence has seamlessly woven itself into the very fabric of our team, becoming an indomitable part of our collective spirit. It is forever etched in our essence and enshrined at the core of our values and beliefs.

Our success lies in the delivery of exceptional service and personalized solutions. As trusted experts in Direct and Indirect Taxation, Financial Compliances Governance, Managed Services, Audit, Accounting, and cutting-edge Enterprise Solutions for various Compliances, we remain committed to ensuring our clients' success. This achievement has become an integral part of our team's DNA, deeply ingrained in our value system and belief structure.

FMR proudly holds the distinction of being a registered e-Return Intermediary, holding the ERI License issued by the Income Tax Department. In the past 18 years, we have filed over 3.5 million returns, earning the trust of over half a million customers. FMR is also empaneled with esteemed corporates such as Airtel, Optum, Amazon, Concentrix, Cadence, Swigy, Colt, Sapient, Evalueserve, Mercer, Birlasoft, HDFC Bank, and over 120 other large and mid-sized companies. Our team comprises experienced professionals with an average work experience of 20+ years, including CAs, MBAs, LLBs, CSs, and CFAs.

Building on our enriched background and heritage of serving both domestic and international clients, we have expanded our presence by establishing a new branch office in Pune, Maharashtra.

In our pursuit of constant evolution, we recently launched our refreshed brand, FMR. This new brand represents our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of clients from diverse industries. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions, ensuring seamless and efficient tax filing processes, and empowering our clients to achieve their financial goals with confidence.

FileMyReturn symbolizes our unwavering dedication to exceptional service, personalized solutions, and the success of our clients. It serves as a testament to our commitment to continuously adapt and evolve within the ever-changing business landscape. We aim to consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results, setting new standards in the industry.

Our Vision




Compliance Partner in India.

Our Values

We believe in our people

Client-centricity approach with a focus on Customer Lifecycle, Customer Experience, Customer Value

Honesty, Transparency & Consistency at all touch points of the customer

Our Services

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